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First organise, then fit the ears

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Hearing protection is essential

Our hearing is extremely valuable. It enables us to communicate with others, to enjoy music and to warn us against danger.

Unfortunately, today's industry produces noise levels that can be harmful to our hearing, psychosocial and physical health. It is therefore Tympro's mission to produce comfortable and safe hearing protection.

About our hearing protection
Signal and measure danger

If there is excessive noise exposure in the workplace, this must be mapped out by means of dosimetry. The average noise exposure of a few employees will be recorded during the entire working day. This average is called the daily dose and serves as a benchmark for the legal measures that the company will have to take.

Otoplastics for multiple applications

Noise exposure is typical of manufacturing companies.

Production companies are often characterised by semi-automated production lines set up in industrial halls. All machines emit noise at the same time. Production employees in this environment are additionally served with comfortable, tailor-made hearing protection.

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Food companies must comply with more versatile guidelines.

In connection with food safety, special requirements are imposed on the food industry. PBMs also fall under these regulations. Tympro develops otoplastics with a specific 'food version' for these companies.

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Hearing protection is just as crucial as construction machinery and tools.

Several noisy tools will be used simultaneously at the construction site. This creates extremely loud situations. Comfortable hearing protection is thus a must with this.

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Municipal workers are exposed to noise daily

Many city and municipality employees have benefited from comfortable hearing protection. This includes employees of the technical department and the landscaping department, swimming pool lifeguards and sports teachers.

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Sustainability is our priority

Tympro will always value sustainability. The first goal when we produce hearing protection is to optimally protect the hearing of our clients for as long as possible. We minimise our ecological footprint by focusing on the factors that determine the emissions per set of otoplastics supplied. Innovation and investment in employees are crucial efforts in this.

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